Atopic eczema, a lot of skin disease experienced by children

The story of Ryu belakangan viral because the father @papeeryuzio-telling question dermatitis atopik sang children. Ryu while still aged six months when asked orangtuanya to attend the Legislative Assembly. Usai Festival ended, its itchy in cranky because Ryu constructed by the cheeks. Conditions that lasted until a few days. The lizard looks reddish and tears seconds exfoliate. Orangtuanya have completed a vigil to prevent Ryu menggaruk or rubbing cheeks. Doctors who examine Ryu said he suffered severe atopik dermatitis and don't get cured, just can diminimalisir kekambuhannya. Ryu are required control for some time to the doctors, and he cant hit the dirty, berkeringat, or exposed to hot. "Gue denger so, it feels like cloudy, feel so parents fail," write the father. National Eczema Association site had flourished, dermatitis or skin conditions is eksim red, furious, and teriritasi. In medical, eksim or dermatitis is divided into several types, namely atopik dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dishidrotik dermatitis, and seboroik dermatitis. However, the most common type of eksim was atopik dermatitis. Read also: types of skin Disease inflicted on Many: Rosacea Until Eksim Besides Ryu, eksim aotopik also suffered selebgram cilik, Kirana, and now, his younger brother, Rumaysaa. It used to be, his mother, Retno Hening also had experienced similar conditions at the time, and continues after the adult asthma. Eksim suffered Kirana and Rumaysaa occur because of genetic factors. Kirana terdeteksi eksim seconds for the first time at the age of two months. That moment, it is still only consume a ASI, but in pipinya arisen rash. Retno even asked doctors in order for dietnya to avoid all allergens, such as eggs, seafood, beans-kacangan, milk and all turunannya. Diverse creams and oils has already been a try, go to a doctors other doctors to be the sort of routine. Retno until menyeleksi soaps, detergents, and sampo, Kirana bathed with water pH 6, but ruamnya still relapse. "He absolutely could wear shirt sleeves enggak short, all should be closed. Time-time skin Kirana tipiiissss.. Once direct garuk bleeding, chafed, "Retno narrated tours at akun Instagramnya. Read also: Crocodile Dioleskan Amankah Gel Aloe in skin? However, his age that that moment has not been exactly three years, Kirana belongs to the son of intelligent. It's very conscious decision itself was different from and never ' ngeyel ' and crying because this is prohibited to eat. Since birth, hours of sleep Kirana also never regularly, it always woken because of itching. If it's been so, so as not to digaruk, Retno mengusap-usap Kirana body to direct it fell asleep again. "Now, Kirana already stronger sih appears. Adopted a common SOAP could also, just sehabis it's enggak cleaning dikasih cream let, "said Retno. Class of Diseases Imunologis individuals with dermatitis atopik have a very sensitive immune. They can react to the alergan or iritan small though. Her Atopic Dermatitis page explaining that Revealed that stimulation of the skin will make the tip of mengiritasi nerves and immune react excessively. The immune system will send signal on the skin as a reaction to boost. Read also: like What Skin Care is safe For Pregnant Mothers and Menyusui? Rash that arises on the skin is a sign of peradangan as a result of the reaction of the imunitas. Second skin digaruk, skin layers beyond being heavily damaged until the opening band for bakteri, viruses, and allergens in. Digaruk skin is becoming increasingly common, more and more constructed by the external skin which acts as protector, were heavily damaged. This condition is itchy and siklus terulangnya early infection. "Eksim this skin diseases has been revealed and pencetusnya much, some are sensitive telon oil, if dikasih telon Yes itching," clear Marissa T.S. Pudjiadi, Chief of specialists from the hospital Premier Bintaro. Parents and doctors should always communicate to find alergan the right at children.
National Eczema Association to examine some of the things could be the trigger eksim in babies, including dry skin, iritasi, heat, sweat, infection, allergy feather hewan, sari, dust, powder or saliva that was a iritasi on the cheeks, Chin, and neck a baby cot. Eksim, often appears on the periode first six months to 5 years of life children. To know by parents, this disease does not spread. "So if baby is no talent, he will be vulnerable in their available, there is little direct boost only, default, red-red," said Chief of Marissa. At the age of six months, usually appears on the face of eksim, cheeks, Chin, forehead, scalp, and can spread to other body area. In this fase skin looks more red and make an easy child's cranky. More at the age 6-12 months, eksim more appear on the elbows and knees in a baby cot. Pus or yellow bumps koreng are formed if the rash gets pricked at eksim. Around the age of two to five years, eksim tend to appear on the crease of the elbow, knee, wrist, ankle, hand, around the mouth, and eyelids. At this, happens tahapan ' likenifikasi ' where the kid looks cleaning, bersisik, and thicken. While above the age of five years, normally only appear in eksim folding elbow or knee. The immune system will be improved in line with the growing age until the match against eksim also improved. "Treat with meminimalkan dry skin, wear a soft, soapy body with menepuk-nepuk, keringkan and lembabkan with cream or oil," so the National Eczema Association give advice handling of this disease.

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