Vitamin needs for nursing mothers who Consumed Important

After going through the process of childbirth, the next stage should be done by a mother is breastfeeding a baby. For mothers who are breastfeeding, this is the first course of information about things that are associated with this activity is very important to note. Not just for the health and goodness of the fruit of the heart, but also yourself as a mother. In terms of food for example, the mother should also know what vitamins for breastfeeding Moms should be consumed.

The nutrients that are absorbed by the infant, depends very much of the food consumed in nursing mothers. Therefore, the mother must know the needs of pregnant women vitamin each day. For the condition and health of newborn flower grows well, then fulfillment needs vitamins to be met every day up to 100%.

Although there are many multivitamins instant expectant mothers on the market that are sold, however we recommend a mother know sources of natural vitamins, and working to fulfill them naturally too. Set the pattern of eating is not merely a question of satiety or fullness, but far more important is how have the needs of vitamins would be sure each day?

What types of vitamins for breastfeeding Moms
There are many types of vitamins are needed by the body, but in nursing mothers, there are some certain vitamins that shouldn't be ignored the fulfillment of his needs. This concerns the development and health of Your baby, as well as a mother. Breastfeeding is not a simple matter, not a matter of baby already full enough then everything is finished.

Important note the intake what goes into the body of the baby, because it will affect the growth and development of children in the years to come. Here's some type of vitamin that should be done, food consumed nursing mothers should contain vitamins as follows:

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is needed for the infant bone growth. It is not enough simply by drying the children in the morning on sunlight yellowing, but still important, too consumed in the form of food. To that end, the mothers who are breastfeeding need to consume vitamin D daily in sufficient amounts.

Vitamin D needs a normal person on as many as 600 IU, then on nursing mothers the number is certainly a lot more. Sources of vitamin D naturally quite accessible, including by consuming fish, cereals, tofu, milk, eggs and so on.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is helpful body endurance, not just for your baby, but also for you a mother who is breastfeeding. Physically a mother who has a baby should have to be in a strong condition. When the mother is ill, usually baby will also be contracting the illness. Therefore, daily vitamin C needs are very important to the met.

To maintain the durability of the body either mother or baby so as not susceptible to flu, fever and the like, we recommend that nursing mothers consumed foods rich in vitamin c. vitamin C Needs for nursing mothers of 120 mg per day. The number is greater than in normal women.

In women who are not breastfeeding, vitamin C is needed in a day of 90mg, the excess of 30 mg vitamin C is to meet the needs of a baby's feedings of vitamin C. Sources of vitamin C are easily obtainable including oranges, broccoli, bell pepper, mango, strawberry and so on.

Vitamin B6
Other types of vitamins needed by babies is vitamin B6. Want to see your heart healthy-looking fruit and contain? Expand lah consume vitamin B6. In contrast to the usual fat, the baby would be sure that his vitamin B6 needs will look healthy and contain solids.

Not only fat but the most important is certainly healthy. What are natural sources of vitamin B6 can be consumed nursing mothers? Including tuna, tomatoes, bananas, spinach, broccoli, beans etc. Important vitamin B6 needs met to display your baby looks healthy and adorable.

Vitamin E
Want to have kids who have a delicate skin and hair healthy? Don't forget your intake of vitamin E in nursing mothers. Not only for the needs of infants, vitamin E is also required for the skin's own mother. During the baby such as breast feeding, sometimes many mothers who are less mindful of beauty focus think of yourself because the fruit of the heart.

At least if you want to have a healthy and smooth skin, vitamin E intake must be observed. Sources of natural vitamin E can be consumed include green beans, broccoli, sprouts, red peppers, almonds etc.

Folic acid
In addition to the above, some vitamins folic acid also became the primary needs for nursing mothers. Food consumed nursing mothers should be the daily rate levels would be sure acid folatnya. However, intake of folic acid which is good should already be consumed since the age of the pregnancy. In the first trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers folic acid needs of 400 mcg of folic acid.

Then after entering the second and third trimester, the need increases to 600 mcg per day. Next on lactation, needs folic acid down to 500 mcg alone per day.

So the intake of folic acid during pregnancy are greater than after feeding. Some of the benefits of folic acid which is essential for a baby is to help the process of growing brain swell. From the fetus, baby should have to consume enough folic acid, due to the growing swell of the brain has already started there.

In addition, good for mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding, folic acid may reduce the risk of anemia, fatigue and to make it more resistant against diseases. Some sources of folic acid that can be found naturally include green leafy vegetables, nuts, meat, fruit, cereals, eggs, fish and much more.

Food consumed nursing mothers should also be a sufficient daily calcium needs are already set. Calcium is needed for the growth of bones and teeth in infants. This need had already been started in the womb. Discontinued in phase of breastfeeding. The intake of calcium needed by nursing mothers every day of 1300 mg per day. Can be obtained naturally from food sources include milk, yogurt, cheese, orange juice, tofu and much more.

By knowing the types of vitamins for nursing mothers and also the required daily intake amount, will be able to help you provide the ideal nutrition for the fruit of the heart. For more details, you can mengkonsultasikannya with the pediatrician.

Before selecting consume multivitamins instant nutritional needs, we recommend you and the fruit of the heart, attempted to first come from natural sources that are all around us. Consult your baby's health if the visible condition of the weight or its activities are less reasonable. It could be that one of them caused due to problems of nutrient intake of lactating mother.

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