The way the Calendar is easy to KB Planning Pregnancy

IKA you want to prevent pregnancy without the use of birth control, then you can use the KB kelender. The method is the way Calendar KB KB that is experienced with how to choose a time when to do the relationship of husband and wife and when to not touch. The basis used by the calculation of the fertile period of a woman's ovulation cycle is based on. On a woman there is a time where he was during the fertile and infertile times. So if couples want to prevent a pregnancy, then it is recommended to perform an intimate relationship when his wife was infertile at the time.

It is indeed undeniable that there are some couples who want to prevent pregnancy due to various factors. These factors, among others, namely because it already has many children, still have a child who was still small, or young couples who are not ready to have children. There is a wide range of contraceptives that can actually chosen by the couple, as with the spiral, susuk, syringe, birth control pills, condoms, etc. However, there are some couples who do not want to use the contraceptives due to various personal reasons respectively. So how can become an alternative calendar KB option to prevent pregnancy.

Understand How the correct Calendar KB
So the results are effective, then make sure you do how KB calendar correctly. For if you less closely, then the calendar you do KB risky failure. You of course also have to discipline and should not forget when was the right time for sex with a partner and when the time is prohibited. The basic principle of KB calendar i.e. must know how to calculate your fertile period and time is not on his wife, which distinguished between a wife who experienced regular menstrual cycle with the menstruasinya cycle is irregular. How its calculations are as follows:

1. Menstrual Cycle regular

The principle way i.e. by observing calendar KB cycle ovulation which started ever since women started having menstrual menstrual period again until the next. Biologically, the ovaries that is owned by a woman every month will issue the egg attaches to the wall of the uterus. When the egg has reached maturity and no sperm fertilize, then automatically decays and out through the female sex organs as menstrual blood. The period where the matured ovum commonly referred to with the fertile.

To calculate the fertile period in women with regular menstrual cycles is easier than menstruasinya cycles are not regular. Named regular menstrual cycles, if menstrual come on a regular basis with the span of time is always the same every month or at least approach the same. The menstrual cycle may vary between women with one other, kisarannya between 21 – 35 days once every month. From different surveys, the most common fluid i.e. 28 – 30 days. For the duration of menstruation around 3-7 days.

The fertile period of the menstrual cycle on a regular basis is located on the 14th day after the first day of menstruation. It is the peak, while the fertile period ranges around 5 days are calculated before and after the time of the Summit. Until the exuberance that is the 14th day minus 2 days (for the first day of the fertile period) and the 14th day plus 2 days (for last day of fertile).

For easier understanding, look at the following example. For example, a woman experiencing menstrual cycle come regularly every 28 days. A time of exuberance that is counted 14 days since the first day of experiencing menstruation, fertile period range with his first day to day-12 (14-2) and the final day to day lush-16 (14 + 2). For example, the woman experiencing menstruation on 1 January, then a period of exuberance is on 12 to 16 January.

Thus it can be concluded that to do how to prevent pregnancy calendar KB, so if a husband wife intercourse to avoid as far as possible the fertile period. The further time with fertile period, then the chances of conceiving will be getting smaller. Of course that should be kept in mind that these provisions outside the period of menstruation, because surely not allowed sex when the woman is menstruating.

2. irregular menstrual Silkus
To determine fertile periods in women who menstruasinya cycle is irregular it is kind of a little bit more difficult than the first points. The way is first of all you must note the number of days in one menstrual cycle for 6 months or 6 cycles. Then calculate the number of days in the cycle of terpendeknya and the number of days in the cycle terpanjangnya. In one menstrual cycle is calculated from the first day of menstruation until the day experiencing the first menstrual period. How to calculate the time of exuberance that is the number of days in the shortest cycle minus 18 (for the first day of the fertile period), and the number of days in the longest cycle is reduced to 11 (for last day of fertile).

For more details look at the following example. For example, a woman experiencing irregular menstrual cycle. After a period calculated in silkus 6 months results obtained that turnarounds terpendeknya 25 days and the cycle terpanjangnya 32 days. To calculate the time of exuberance that is 25-18 = 7 (the first day of the fertile period) and 32-11 = 21 (last day of fertile). Then the woman's fertile period is located on the 7th to the 21st day calculated from the first day of menstruation.

As with women who experience regular menses, how KB calendar in women with irregular menstrual cycles in principle spouses should avoid sex during fertile have been calculated by the above formula. Things to keep in mind is that a woman's fertile period is calculated from the first day of menstruation, not after menstruation.

Every preventive method of pregnancy is certainly has its advantages and drawbacks of each, as well as how KB this calendar. The choice depends on each couple to determine the most suitable method of KB. On the calendar benefits i.e. KB is very practical to do because it does not use any tool. In this way also does not cost free alias. Additionally calendar of course also very KB guaranteed its security because it does not cause any side effects.

As for his weaknesses, namely that at this couples calendar KB prone to forget when it's time be sex and when it should not. To overcome this problem, you can set up a calendar and give him a certain sign so as not to forget. In addition this method can also fail if at one time the husband and wife were not able to resist the temptation to relate intimately when wife is on a lush period. To address them must discipline from both sides to implement the correct calendar KB way.

In addition to kelender, there is a way KB some other ways that can be used to know the fertile woman. The way the methods of examination of urine, basal temperature measurements, detection of cervical mucus, and examination of saliva. For valid results, you can combine these other ways together with KB calendar. For example, examination of urine, you simply use the determinant of fertility that are similar to pregnancy test tools that are already sold in pharmacies. Whatever the method chosen, preferably KB talking with a partner to suit the wishes of both sides.

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