The various causes of heart disease that you should know

Heart disease became the second largest cause of death in Indonesia after a stroke. Know the various causes of heart disease into an information and appropriate measures to prevent the occurrence of heart disease on yourself. There are three types of heart diseases including coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart disease and congenital heart disease.

The cause is very diverse. Before entering into a description of the various causes of heart disease, will be slightly covered about three types of heart diseases that often occurs in resident in Indonesia. It will then also explained about the various causes of heart disease with a short, dense and clear. Happy reading!

Knowing The Kind Of Ailment Before Knowing The Cause Of The Pain Of The Heart
In the previous paragraph, it has been mentioned that there are three types of heart diseases that often occurs in resident in Indonesia. The following detail penjelasanya:

Heart Disease/Coronary Blood Vessels
Coronary heart disease is the cause and the first killer of the world's global deaths due to heart disease (AHA, 2017). This disease occurs in the blood vessels through the heart.

Risk factors for the occurrence of this disease include high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels in the blood, consumption of cigarettes, diet or unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, diabetes, aging and genetic factors.

Other factors that can increase the risk of the occurrence of coronary heart disease include poverty, low education, depression, inflammation and the presence of disturbances in the function of clotting in the blood.

Rheumatic Heart Disease
Rheumatic heart disease is a disease of heart valve damage that is caused by the bacteria streptococcus. A disease that occurs may be narrowing and leaks especially on one of the left heart valves (mitral valve).

Streptococcal bacteria are spread from the upper respiratory tract infection is a type of bacteria that can be rested on the heart valves, so that the antibodies in the body is unconsciously attacking the heart valve. Cause constriction and a leak in this area. Rheumatic fever always precedes the onset of rheumatic heart disease.

Congenital Heart Disease
The third heart diseases that will be discussed is congenital heart disease or congenital. This disease occurs when there is a malformation of the heart to the organs or failure to grow normally when a baby is in the womb.

Various factors such as genetic factors, or side effects of drugs that are used when a mother being pregnant. Symptoms that may occur include holes in the heart, heart valve abnormality, and abnormalities of the size of the Chamber and veranda in the heart.
Some of the factors that can improve the risk of the occurrence of congenital heart disease among others, consumption of alcohol and drugs (medicine immunomodulator and blood thinning) when pregnant, infections, pregnancy when nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy ( Low folate consumption during pregnancy) and the presence of blood relatives or relatives nearby between the father and the mother of the baby.

Then what is the cause and prevention of the occurrence of heart disease?
After learning various heart diseases, the following will be described with details about some of the factors that cause heart disease can still be modified. Here's the explanation:

Unhealthy Life pattern
Risk factors of coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart as well as congenital heart has been mentioned in the paragraph above. Changing patterns of life that isn't healthy by avoiding smoking and alcohol, the consumption of nutritious foods and nutritious vegetables in balance, as well as rain.

If you are an "addict", is indeed not easy to eliminate smoking habit that has developed long ago. Things needed for an addict to quit smoking cigarettes is the desire, the will and the decision of the smokers themselves.

You can do first is find out a range of dangers of smoking. A smoker will re-think when it has to know the dangers of smoking and her will trying to find people who can help him escape from smoking.

Furthermore, if the commitment is already embedded inside a smoker to stop smoking start by setting your target date will start quitting. The target could be the date of birth or the date of your wedding. Notify in environments including family and friends surrounding You, so they will provide support.

Stay away from people or circumstances are reminiscent of the activity of smoking. Have the activity of working out and sweating about 20 – 30 minutes each day. If the desire to smoke come up, try the switch by pulling a long breath, hold in the chest about 15 seconds and then hembuskan slowly. Strong desire to smoke will last about 2 to 3 minutes, and it will disappear by itself.

When it was successfully separated from the smoking habit, keep your efforts. Give Your self esteem. A positive appreciation of family and close friends would further strengthen your commitment to quitting.

Starting a healthy life is not easy, especially if you're alone in his case and did not get a positive support from the environment. Invite your mates and your immediate family to start a healthy life.

Infectious Diseases
Diseases of the respiratory tract infections can be the cause of the occurrence of various disorders of the heart. Increase the durability of the body since the early, becoming one of the efforts to prevent the occurrence of heart disease.

As well as on the changing pattern of healthy living. Positive events such as getting regular exercise, healthy food and balanced, the consumption of enough water, have enough sleep and always keep clean hands can help improve the durability of the body from various diseases the infection.

Food consumption and healthy as well as many fruits contain antioxidants can help you and your family members tercegah of the occurrence of various heart diseases due to infection and inflammation. Always provide a menu of vegetable and fruit at the dinner table to balance your menus and family.
Indeed the price of healthy food is not cheap, but you have to remove the fee for medical treatment when falling ill prior heart disease thus will exceed the cost of a menu of healthy fruit and vegetables you serve every day.

Fill your body needs to rest, at least 7 to 8 hours per day. Avoid staying out, because staying out would undermine the body's immunity. What's Your coffee drink when staying out, can make the heart work beyond the limits of ability. Heart disease such as heart rhythm disorders can occur due to the consumption of coffee and energy drinks.

Health problems that occur when Pregnant
Congenital heart disease primarily caused by health problems that occur in the age of the fetus. Infection of viruses and parasites such as it has been before. Maintain optimal health remains when pregnant became a liability for a mother.

Among others, the mother can do is the fulfillment of the nutrients optimally, avoid infectious diseases during pregnancy and avoid the consumption of a variety of materials harmful to the fetus such as smoking, alcohol and wise use drugs when pregnant.

There are 4 types of parasites and viruses that can cause an infection during pregnancy among others, Toksoplasma, rubella, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes. virus viruses virus is primarily spread through the feces can toksoplasma a pet that doesn't immediately cleaned up. Some things should be avoided when pregnant young.

It is important for Mothers to avoid or reduce contact with pets when pregnant. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the consumption of raw food sources or half-cooked to prevent the transmission of viruses and occurs parasites dangerous that can interfere with growth and development of the fetus in the womb.

Such information about the various causes of heart disease in accordance with three types of heart diseases that are common in Indonesia society. Also carries some tips to prevent the occurrence of heart disease. Hopefully this article helpful!

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