The symptoms of Appendicitis and various factors Cause

To be able to prevent appendicitis which becomes severe, surely you must know in advance what are the symptoms of appendicitis is light so that you can immediately do further treatment. Disease symptoms appendicitis is indeed still pretty rarely known by the people, therefore no wonder if sufferers of appendicitis must eventually operated on because of bowel conditions Appendix operation which is getting worse due to not getting intensive treatment.

Well, you should know that in fact appendicitis itself is not the name of a disease, but rather the name of one of the organs inside the body shape is very small and it is deadlocked or not have advanced channels again. The size of the appendectomy everyone varies, but usually ranges between 5-10 cm just look stuck in the large intestine.

Until recently the presence of appendicitis is indeed seems to be a mystery, because the presence of appendicitis also does not affect a person's health. Despite that recent discoveries by scientists stated that the appendix or appendicitis is home to reserve good bacteria that are useful when the contents of the stomach must be issued rapidly through the dirt that resulted in the loss of good bacteria in the digestion.

If the appendix is misbehaving or inflammation, then it could lead to serious complications. Even in the many cases of appendicitis should finally cut through the operation. And at this time the article we will discuss about the symptoms of appendicitis and its treatment.

Recognize The Symptoms Of Appendicitis Early Light
This appendix disease can be found in all walks of life, but the most common is the case of appendicitis in people between the ages of 10-20 years. However, it does not mean a person aged under 10 years or over 20 years would be safe, because this disease can be infected anyone.

There is one of the most common symptoms would probably be most felt by sufferers of appendicitis. The pain is unbearable and will slowly getting worse could become one of the indications of the disease appendicitis. Therefore, if you feel any of these symptoms immediately to check with yourself to the doctor so that the pain is not getting worse.

Colic usually begins at the midpoint stomach, where at first it was just a stomach pain that sometimes comes and sometimes lost. And it is precisely this type of abdominal pain such as that is what usually indicates that someone misbehaving cecum or Appendix.

If perceived, for a few hours the pain usually will begin moving and you will feel at the bottom right abdomen, right where the appendix is located. And if it doesn't soon get serious handling of the pain, then it could be getting worse.

When you saw yourself to a doctor, usually the bottom right part will also be pressed to find out if you are experiencing interference appendicitis or not. And if the part when pressed it will feel increasingly ill then likely mild appendicitis symptoms you experience already getting worse. Even if you're walking or at the time any cough you will feel the pain which is very disturbing in that section.
In addition to the pain in the right lower abdomen section, sufferers of appendicitis also usually will experience swelling in the stomach if his condition is getting worse. Sufferers also lose appetite because often feel nausea and vomiting as well. Even other disorders on the digestion will also occur as symptoms of appendicitis as light as could not waste gas, pain when urinating, abdominal cramps, and fever. Sufferers are enough normally severe will also experience other symptoms such as diarrhea or kontipasi.
By knowing the symptoms of appendicitis are mild as already described above, you will no longer experience the misunderstood because it is usually a symptom of appendicitis is considered to be symptoms of food poisoning or kontipasi. And if you experience symptoms such as those described above, you should immediately check with your medical doctor to ascertain if the pain you are feeling is really indicate disease appendicitis or not. Even if his condition is already severe, indeed the last recourse is with surgery or surgery through the cutting of appendicitis.

Whatever be the cause of Appendicitis?
And then actually what causes appendicitis? Apakakah appendicitis can be prevented? The actual disease appendicitis is preventable, because basically if we maintain the health of the body, the disease could be inevitable. But so far no matter the cause of the disease incidence of appendicitis is not yet known for sure, but most of the cases that occur are caused by the blockage of appendicitis by some substances or objects that are derived from the body.

Appendicitis can be tersumat by feces, could be clogged by lymph nodes that swell in the intestinal wall, or from the foods you consume. Blockages would eventually result in the appendix to swell, and the pressure that results from such a pembengkakkan could make the Appendix ruptures. Dangerous as hell, isn't it? So from that detection early on by knowing the symptoms of mild appendicitis early on desperately needed so that you can more quickly cope with this disease.

How To Detect Early Appendicitis Symptoms
There are several ways an examination of appendicitis so Your disease can be detected immediately and can be immediately treated or operated on before his condition getting worse. It basically detects disease appendicitis is indeed an easy thing because buan cecum located in different parts of different setiaporang. However, there are indeed some way accurate enough for inspection next do further medical handling.

The first way is to confirm a pain when in the vicinity of the cecum position are pressed vertically using hands, or folded right leg upwards. Besides blood test should also be performed to detect how many white blood cells that normally indicates that there is an infection in the body. Mild appendicitis symptoms usually also can already be known by performing tests of urine, because the result is quite accurate. And the most modern possible is to do a CT scan or ultrasound examination so that you see your appendicitis condition clearly.

Well, knowing that the disease appendicitis this turned out to be quite risky, therefore the first thing that you should do as prevention efforts is always keeping health. Especially in the consumption of food and drink, because usually the disease appendicitis is often associated with eating too much chili or other foods ingested small grain and finally could not be digested completely by the body. And for the advanced steps to anticipate this disease so as not to be getting worse is to do the checks as already described above. Such a short article about symptoms of appendicitis are mild and cause. May be useful.

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