The easy way to do a Kegel Exercisers for women

Carrying out kegel exercisers for women has a variety of benefits. Especially for a woman who has abilities in the system berkemihnya. Symptoms of decline in the ability to control the ability of micturition in health terms is called urinary incontinence.

The conditions of the urinary incontinence experienced by 30 – 40% of women at a young age, and was increased to 50% in women of advanced age. This can occur due to several factors, among others, the factors age, habits of heavy weights, overweight or obesity, pregnancy and gave birth to both normal as well as with the caesarean section will be triggered a decline in the ability to control the muscles the lower pelvis.

If you're a woman, pelvic muscle down it does not you can see directly, but this muscle can be driven consciously and can be trained just like any muscle of the upper arm.

Find a Pelvic Muscle bottom in Kegel Exercisers for women
It is very important for you to know and find the exact location of the muscles of the pelvic bottom before carrying out gymnastics and reaching maximum effectiveness of the kegel exercisers.

How to find the lower pelvic muscles is most easily position your self to sit or sleep on a mattress or terlentang trays. With closed his eyes, let your focus on the area of micturition or femininity, pull the breath in and move the pelvic muscle contractions, like your bottom bracket or squeeze, hold for 5 seconds and then release. Avoid moving the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen because of the lower pelvis muscles do not cover these areas.

Another way to find your pelvic muscles bottom is when you're micturition. Try to hold back the flow of urine that comes out, then release the prisoners and let the urine flow. The location where the prisoner You give is the location where the lower pelvic muscles. Rehearse this way once in a week, so as not to interfere with the normal process of discharge of urine in the bladder.

Once you can determine the position of the lower pelvic muscles with kegel gymnastics is true, then for women can be trained further.

How do I Easily Implement Kegel Exercisers for women?
Kegel exercisers for women can be done easily and at any time. The basic movement is carried out with a position on her back. Movement variations can be implemented with the help of a chair while working in the Office, while relaxing watching television or listening to music, even while driving. Kegel exercisers have a basic concept of contraction and movement. The following are served 7 easy steps of carrying out kegel exercisers for women:

Position the body on her back on the floor with the position of the shoulders and the head pillow AIDS report.
Position the hands are on the side of the body with palms-down to touch the floor.
Open wide legs around 30 cm, bend the knee with the position of the soles of the feet touching the floor.
Hold the contraction with movement, or squeeze the muscles around the pelvic bottom
Avoid straining or moving her thigh muscles, buttocks, and abdomen on this basic movement
For slow movements, pelvic muscles kontraksikan bottom with slowly and continuously for 5 seconds, release the prisoners and relax for 5 seconds. Repeat the movement as much as five times and then increase gradually until it reaches 10 seconds on the movement of contraction and relax.
For quick movement, pelvic muscles kontraksikan down for 1 second and then remove the 1 second. Repeat this movement for five times. And as slow motion, perbanyaklah of Deuteronomy quick contractions gradually.
Regular exercise with proper target but gives a good effect to the pelvic muscles ability under you. Have a neat schedule and reminders to help you practice. As well as doing the evaluation in the month to 3.

When you need to visit a doctor, physiotherapist or ask the nurse if You after 3 months doing kegel exercises easy way for this woman your condition failed to improve. Practice make it perfect and consistency is the key to success!

Movement is a variation of the Kegel Exercisers for women
Besides the basic movement of kegel exercisers. There is some movement variations that you can try to perform a (source: lasealwin).

The first technique
Sitting on a mattress with a knot rests on the heels, and put your hands behind your back
The widening distance above the mattress, thrust her hips forward basic movement do kegel (flank or squeezing the muscles of the pelvic floor) one lap
After finishing lower hips and repeat several times for maximum results
The second technique
Position the body sits on a pedestal, put your hands on your hips, legs and straightens the widening (open a little wider than the hips) with the tip of the toe facing to the fore
Push the hips up and let the head decomposes and while implementing a basic kegel movement (a bracket or squeezing the muscles of the pelvic floor) one lap
Repeat several times for maximum results
Common mistakes in carrying out Kegel Exercisers for women
The results showed as many as 50% of women are not capable of completing the kegel gymnastics well with only verbal instructions or written instructions only. Here are a few common errors and solutions to address them.

Using the wrong muscles
A true kegel exercisers don't use thigh muscles, stomach and buttocks. Patiently practice You will be able to distinguish the lower pelvic muscles that should be in use in this kegel exercisers. If still in doubt, consult your doctor, Your nurse or physiotherapist.

No variation
Variation in do kegel gymnastics sorely needed to obtain maximum results. Slow motion and fast motion, at the combine with first and second techniques.

Don't set timetables and targets nothing much
It is very important to have a schedule and target close in pelaksanakan kegel exercisers for women. Contractions are too little will not provide a positive effect, and too often will cause fatigue and pain in the muscles of the pelvic bottom.

Less consistent
The best schedule to practice kegel gymnastics is 5 – 10 minutes shortly after waking up in the morning. This time it consistently to get maximum results.

Too soon to give up before looking results
Many women start kegel exercisers with expect instant results. But it takes at least 3 months of consistency and gradual in order to get good results.

Based on the function of the pelvic muscles anatomisnya down not only serves to regulate urinary tract elasticity. This muscle also set the muscles of your femininity. Carrying out kegel exercisers for women are routinely proven to be able to assist in tightening the area of femininity. Kegel gymnastics is also one of the safe pregnancy gymnastics, recommended and helped the process of childbirth. So the article on how to easily implement kegel exercisers for women. Good luck!

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