The choice of Remedy Toothache Hollow you can try

Many toothache is caused due to cavities, therefore it is important to know what pain medication is a powerful cavities from which natural or traditional. For those of you who never had a toothache because cavities certainly can feel how uncomfortable we even feels tormented. In general the perceived symptoms, namely in the form of pain or cenut-cenut in the area of dental cavities. The pain can also be accompanied by inflammation in the gums around it so the swelling can occur. In addition to local pain in the area around the tooth, the pain may also spread to the head, because there are many teeth on the ends of the nerve that connects to the brain.

The incidence of cavities are caused due to infection germs that nested on the teeth. The emergence of the germ can be caused by many different factors. A variety of factors that trigger the growth of germs on the teeth causing dental cavities among others that is too much to consume foods that are sweet, rarely brushing my teeth, brushing my teeth the wrong way, there was a pile of plaque or tartar, the existence of disease/inflammation that occurs in the gums (gingivitis), and the habit of smoking. A person experiencing pain cavities usually also have a foul mouth odor so it can lose confidence.

Pain medication a powerful Traditional Cavities
Sick cavities can be experienced by anyone, from children to elderly people. Part of the tooth that is home to chew food, making it vulnerable as a place bersarangnya germs so that trigger the onset of cavities. To cope with the toothache caused by cavities, you can use the traditional perforated teeth pain remedies such as the following:

1. Garlic

Garlic is often used as a spice kitchen can be used as a pain medication cavities. Garlic is one of the types of plants and herbs which have deposits of natural antibiotic substances so effective to heal cavities. The way is set up 1 clove of garlic and then pounded until smooth. After that apply a collision of the garlic on the part of the tooth that hurts or perforated.

2. Onion

In addition to garlic, onions can also be used to menyembukan sick cavities. The onion also helps to kill bacteria cause cavities. In the same way with the use of garlic, i.e. onion peeled then mashed. After that apply or paste on the part of the tooth that is perforated. Do Your teeth regularly until healed.

3. tamarind Seed

Tamarind seeds you can also use as a pain medication cavities. The way is to prepare some tamarind seeds are then roasted peanuts. Then the tamarind seed mash until smooth. Once smooth, apply on the part of the tooth that hurts or perforated teeth then you will get well soon.

4. salt and Pepper

You can also treat the sick cavities with salt and pepper. To make medicine sick cavities of pepper and salt to taste pepper prepare the way is then pounded until smooth. Add salt to taste and mashed into one. Then apply the mixture of pepper and salt on the perforated teeth.

5. Lemon

Perforated teeth pain medication the next one namely lemons. Lemon is one of the fruits that are rich in vitamin c. vitamin C With this high then the lime helps to increase the resistance of the body and kill germs cause tooth cavities. To treat toothache using lime hollow it's easy, namely prepare 1 piece of lime and then split into 2 parts. Then squeeze the lime wedges and squirt perasannya on perforated teeth.

6. Leaves of the guava
Guava leaves in addition to treat diarrhea turns can also be used to treat the sick cavities. The way is set up a few pieces of guava leaves are still fresh then pounded until smooth. Once smooth, apply on the tooth that hurts. In addition to the ground, you can also chew the leaves of guava directly, surely must be cleaned or washed first.

7. Clove oil

Cloves can be used as a pain medication cavities because it has anti-bacterial substances content, anti inflammatory, anti oxidants, as well as anesthesia. The way is squirt clove oil on 1 glass of water and then use the water for gargling. You can also shed a clove oil on a sterile cotton swab and then paste on your teeth that is perforated.

8. Salt water

Salt has an efficacy to kill bacteria and speed up the healing of wounds. To treat toothache hollow way is mix one tablespoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and then use it to gargle. Doing it this way regularly 3 times a day.

9. Gum distances

Plant spacing can also be used as a pain medication that is taken with cavities in the resin. The way is pick sprigs of leaves the distance it will automatically eject the SAP. Apply the resin on the perforated teeth and do routinely.

10. Lemongrass

In addition to being used as kitchen herbs, Lemongrass turns can also be used to treat the sick cavities. The way is to prepare Lemongrass leaves to taste and then boiled to boiling. Once cooked then filtered water is to be taken. Use of water decoction of the Lemongrass to berkumur-kumur regularly until the pain you suffer cavities healed.

To prevent cavities, the things you can do that is by, among others, always maintain oral hygiene by regularly brushing my teeth. Rubs your teeth using brush that fits the contours of Your mouth and teeth as well as use toothpaste containing substances to fight bacteria. In brushing my teeth be sure menlakukannya correctly i.e. with how to play instead in a way opposite to the direction. We recommend that you avoid foods that are too sweet and stay away from the habit of smoking. Perbanyaklah vegetable and fruit consumption especially containing vitamin C to improve the durability of the body at once against germs cause tooth cavities. You also need to consume a lot of water to dissolve food scraps are left in the mouth.

Never underestimate the cavities, because it may cause a variety of health effects both mild to severe. In some cases, cavities turned out to be a serious result, among others, i.e. can trigger heart disease or a variety of neurological disorders in various organs of the body. This is caused because there are teeth on the ends of the nerves associated with the flow of blood to the jatung or to the entire body. So if our teeth perforated then bacteria or disease germs easily enter into the blood stream so that it can interfere with the health of systemically. We recommend that you check with your health your teeth regularly to dentists to detect any problems with teeth. If cavities you have experienced worsening, then immediately consult a dentist for further handling.

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