The character of blood type O – Know the nature and character of its owner

You've probably heard about how to see someone's character based on blood type, well this time around on the article will be discussed about the character of blood type o. before discussing about what characters are owned by the Group O blood, we need to know the history of the birth of the reading of the characters through the blood type. A method of looking at the character of blood type was first researched by professors from Japan named Takeji Furukawa in 1927. Takeji Professor researching on taking action against temperamental relationship fourth blood type, namely A, B, AB, and O.

Later in the year 1970, Masahiko Nomi who is also a researcher of Japan, developed the back research on relationship of personality a person with blood type. To date, the method of seeing one's character through this blood type is quite popular in Japan and received positively by the Government, private companies, as well as the general public. Although this method is not the only benchmark to determine the character and nature of a person, but reported this method is quite helpful especially on State enterprises or private companies in Japan in recruiting officers.

As we know that blood type in humans consists of 4, i.e., blood type A, B, AB, and o. physiologically, Division of blood type is determined based on whether or not there is an antigen on the red blood cells and blood plasma. Antigen serves as identification on the cells of our body. Because it is the identification of the cell body, then researchers tried linking blood type with the character of a person. At this time the article will be discussed about the character of blood type O, among others, as follows:

1. Have the soul of a good leadership
The character of blood type O is a pretty prominent, namely has the soul of leadership or leadership. So people who have blood type O if it is in a group or collection of people, he is potentially to be the center of attention and having an impact on the kekompok. The opinions and ideas are easily heard and accepted by others. People who have blood type O also like to always think and beneficial to members or the people who are around him.

2. Vigorous, confident, and expressive
People who have blood type O is usually private, appeared vigorous, confident, and expressive. This is a good thing because this character is blood type O is a private live out his days with the spirit, full of joy, and optimistic look at the future. Blood group O people usually also reveals what is on her mind straightforwardly without the stale-stale. For example when he was angry then the anger can be seen easily by others.

3. easy to get along with many people
Blood type O is the type of person who is easy to get along with many people so have a lot of friends. If a new meeting with then he is easy to get acquainted and open conversation. Blood group O people who are good at talking and instill confidence in others, making them favored by many although recently knew him.

4. Innovative/open to new things
The character of blood type O the next one namely innovative or open to new things. So people who are blood group O is usually always have fresh ideas and risk-taking. She likes new things will be a challenge for if able to do so there will be a pride to him. This person also always up to date about what she wears or owns insight never outdated. He's also not like if something goes flat-flat just as usual, everything must be running dynamic and there is increased than the previous time.

5. a generous and Gracious/care
People who have blood type O is also known for quixotic or benefactors. He was a private royal, not stingy, and like to share it with others. Blood type O also has a high concern or empathy towards others, does that mean he likes to pay close attention to the situation or condition experienced by others and does not hesitate to help him when facing trouble. He is also a loyal personal, both loyal to friends or to her partner.

6. the Rather weak when alone
Although blood group O people who are outgoing and expressive, but behind it is actually he has a fragile heart. This means that these people always need the presence of other people and tend to be less tough when being himself. Its not bear and toward others uneasy sometimes made her forget herself so at one time can harm him. Blood type O in addition to want to pay attention to other people, he would also like to note that it may have always existed in the midst of many people and have a loyal friend to be able to share or poured out his heart.

7. Less careful in acting
The character of blood type O usually tend to think quickly so sometimes less careful in acting. Indeed the actual blood type O wanted to immediately resolve issues with real action. Decisions are taken quickly and straightforward without further ADO. This is indeed necessary on the situation-stuasi pass need solutions quickly. But at one time, blood type O can take decisions or action without careful consideration so that the result any less satisfying. Therefore, he should be able to control myself with more mempertimbangan decisions taken mainly large impact for themselves or others.

From what has been described above, the character of blood type O is essentially an energetic, resourceful people socialize, easy coordinating others, care for others, but actually have a fragile heart. People who have blood type O usually have brilliant ideas and spontaneous yet because it was too ambitious is often less cautious so that can lead to failure. People who have blood type O can potentially become a successful leader, but sometimes its ambitious and always need other people could have been exploited by people who do not like her to drop it from the back.

If associated with a diet according to blood type O + blood type, the characters are expressive and full of perfectly suited to the kind of high-protein food foods good vegetable or animal, such as eggs, beef, fish, meat, Buffalo meat, fish milk, beans, soy beans, peas, broccoli, lettuce, pumpkin, Kai-, seaweed, guava, and blueberi. While the types of sports that are suitable for blood type O i.e. sports that put forward the power, such as martial arts, running fast, lifting weights, soccer, futsal, swimming, sepak takraw, volleyball, tennis, and badminton. Characters according to the blood type of course it is up to each of your judgment to trust or not, but at least it can give insight into the knowledge derived from research that has been done by scientists.

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