Red yeast rice to raise platelets and a variety of other benefits

In the world of health, red yeast rice to raise platelet function has indeed been recognized. Not even a little community that use red yeast rice as one of the natural remedy in tackling dengue fever that attacked someone. Red yeast rice is a type of brown rice to the Chinese origin, developed through a process of fermentation. Although it is known as red rice, but at first red yeast rice is white rice. Through the process of fermentation that white color then becomes red.

Red yeast rice to raise platelets and Other Properties which have
As one of the ingredients that are very useful to increase platelets, in fact there are other functions which can be obtained with red yeast rice in the process of health. What benefits can be gained? Among them are the following:

Cure Dengue Fever
The main benefits of red yeast rice to raise platelets are very useful in helping the process of healing of dengue sufferers. Dengue fever is a condition in which the sufferer platelet shortage drastically. The production of platelets decreases this will lead to the emergence of a sense of a fever can be fatal to death.

Red yeast rice itself has natural deposits which can help increase the platelets in the body. No wonder this one natural ingredient often juxtaposed as red guava that has similar properties. As for how the processing of red yeast rice to raise platelets are as follows.

First, grab a handful of red yeast rice and soak in a cup (200 ml) of water. Second, let the marinade for several hours until the boiled water changes color to red. Third, the drinking water marinade red yeast rice. For this one, You could be taking red yeast rice twice a day. (read also: this is the phase-phase dengue fever)

Perwarna Natural Ingredients
Other benefits of red yeast rice to raise platelets are as natural perwarna materials. With the concentrated red color, red yeast rice can be used for a variety of food. For a menu of Chinese cuisine of its own, they usually use red yeast rice as the dye panggan red pork menu.

Not only that, red yeast rice can also be used in giving the red color on the cake, snacks and a variety of other foods. Natural ingredients are not harmful on red yeast rice will not give bad influence on taste or content in these foods.

The Subject Of Cuisine
Other utilization given by red yeast rice is as an ingredient. Have you ever heard of red yeast rice chicken soup? This soup using red yeast rice for added flavor and gives the red color in processed chicken. The menu this one is already ubiquitous in the typical Chinese eateries.

For those of you who are suffering from dengue fever can also be taking red yeast rice chicken soup to help produce platelets in the body. The menu of red yeast rice to raise this famous platelet rich in protein and fiber.

Lowering High Blood Disease
The disease high blood pressure or hypertension is a kind of disease that will take an awful lot of harm to your health. This is because hypertension can lead to the emergence of deadly diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
This is because red yeast rice contains a variety of ingredients that can help lower blood pressure. In doing so, then any symptoms or effects of hypertension can be reduced. As for the way to lowering red yeast rice consumption as the risk of hypertension is by drinking the marinade red yeast rice or with mengonsumsinya as a replacement for rice. With regular consumption of red yeast rice, then the risk of hypertension may be reduced. (read also: characteristics of low and high blood blood to look out for)

Keep Cholesterol Levels
Other benefits of red yeast rice to raise platelets are as food ingredients that can maintain the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. This is because red yeast rice can impede the process of the formation of the enzyme HMG-CoA Reductase enzyme so that the body can work actively in removing bad cholesterol.

With the levels of bad cholesterol which is maintained in the body, then any form of illness caused by the abundance of cholesterol can be overcome by good. Some examples of diseases caused by cholesterol is diabetes, gout, and heart attacks.

Assist Food Digestion Process
Other benefits provided by red yeast rice is to help the process of food digestion in the body. Normally, when someone is experiencing indigestion, then the symptoms that will appear is difficult bowel movements, abdominal pain, often the shape of the stool becomes more dilute, and frequency of waste water that is not normal or irregular.

When you are experiencing some of the symptoms, then you can begin to consume lifting, either with drinking water over rendamannya or even made red yeast rice as an ingredient of daily consumption with merebusnya. If after taking red yeast rice turned out none of the results obtained, then we suggest you go to the doctor to get a proper handling.

Increase The Durability Of The Body
As for the other properties owned by the red yeast rice to raise platelets are as natural production of the body's immune system. With the increasing immunity of the body, then you can avoid many diseases that attack the immune system.

Strengthen The Function Of The Spleen
There are an awful lot of important organ in the human body, one of which is the spleen. The function of the spleen is to help the body in unravelling the red blood cells have been damaged. Not only that, the spleen is also functioning in screening the various forms of foreign compounds in the body.

With powerful functions of the spleen, the body would be better to avoid the problem of hoarding the remnants of red blood cells that have been damaged. As information, the red blood cells that have been damaged will be corrected by red yeast rice so that the risk of experiencing the breakdown of red blood can be addressed as well as a variety of foreign compounds that go into any body can be prevented.

Ways of making the red yeast rice to maintain body health
After learning about the function of the red yeast rice to raise platelets and overcome various problems faced by the body, now it's time You find out about how the process and a way of making the red yeast rice. That way, then you can be more sure that the type of food consumed is very safe on this one and can give the best benefits for the body.

As has been mentioned above that red yeast rice is a type of fermented foods. As for the substance used for the fermentation of monascus purpureus is red yeast rice. In General, red yeast rice is made from ingredients such as rice, tofu, tapioca, and bran.

Monascus purpureus alone can produce secondary metabolites in the form of pigment. For red yeast rice, the pigment produced by these substances contain a very stable color, i.e. red. Additionally, if the colors are mixed in food or water, then it will not generate harmful substances such as toxins. In other words, red yeast rice is consumed very safe and can be juxtaposed with any type of food.

Red yeast rice as the best type of food to increase Platelets
See the efficacy of the various red yeast rice on top, then it could be drawn a conclusion that this one type of food in addition to safe consumption by the body, is also very good in maintaining the body's health as well as increase production of platelets. For maximum results, you can eat red yeast rice red sake guava as well as cope with treating the disease dengue fever. So a little review about red yeast rice to raise platelets. May be useful.

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