Know any Thing be the cause of Kidney Pain

No wonder a lot of people who want to know what are the causes of kidney pain because this disease is the specter of a scary for many people. Many things can cause this kidney pain that actually could have been avoided but the public despised him. Kidney pain there are an awful lot of its kind, but most of the pain in the kidneys that can culminate in untreated kidney failure. So this article will discuss about the causes of kidney pain in the form of kidney failure. Causes of Kidney Pain is the most common Kidney disease can be divided into two kinds of travel based on his illness. I.e., renal failure acute and chronic kidney failure. Acute kidney failure happens suddenly in quick time and less than 3 months. While chronic renal failure kidney failure where a State of kidney damage occurs slowly and has already happened more than 3 months. Either chronic or acute kidney failure can lead to death, because the kidneys are one of the most important organ in our body. Kidney pain causes an acute contrast with chronic types, here more information: Causes of acute renal failure Acute kidney failure is a condition that is more of an emergency than chronic renal failure. Because acute kidney failure happens quickly that can damage almost all kidney organ so that it can cause death if they do not get relief soon. Here are the causes of acute kidney pain: Less Liquid/Dehydrated Dehydration is the cause of kidney pain number one. A few things that can cause dehydration are diarrhea (chapter more than 3 x a day), a lot of bleeding, vomiting and high fever. A person suffering from the above circumstances must not be less drinking because it can be aggravating circumstances over some. Several Kinds Of Drugs Certain types of drugs make vulnerable suffer acute kidney failure. Not all drugs can cause kidney pain. The drug in question here is a medicine anchoring pain, cancer drugs, some kinds of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs high blood. Drug use is becoming more at risk when eaten at the same time at the time of the body lack of fluids. But do not be afraid of this when taking the drug to consult a physician. Infection Examples of infectious diseases that cause kidney pain are malaria, dengue fever and leptospirosis. The State of this infection can in such a way to make the body become dehydrated as well as damaging the kidneys directly to cause kidney failure. Then, when you suffer pain above do not hesitate to bring yourself to the hospital. Burns Causes of kidney pain this time around is the extensive burns, usually more than 30% wide body. Burns will damage the skin so the skin can not undergo a optimum functionality with. It is prone to cause water to evaporate from the skin easily burned so vulnerable led to kidney failure. Natural disasters and accidents Victims of natural disasters such as the earthquake that just buried in the rereuntuhan days may suffer from acute renal failure due to dehydration. In addition to dehydration, the destruction of the muscle underneath by the ruins can also cause kidney failure because the substances released from muscle injuries. The accident involving a lot of muscle injuries can also be the cause of kidney pain. Urinary Tract Obstruction Blockage in one of the urinary tract (kidney urinary ssaluran ranging from the most end) are chronic can make urine difficult dumped and finally back to the kidney organs so that damage the kidneys. The blockage can be in the form of just about anything. The most frequent reason is that men with untreated prostate enlargement. Other causes are kidney stones are untreated and imperfect healing of urinary tract pain ever before so that the narrowing occurs. Consumption of Huntersville and excessive in Curry Parkia Speciosa in Curry and eaten in very many at a time (once) can cause acute renal failure. Causes of kidney pain is not uncommon in Indonesia. Causes of chronic kidney failure Figures for the incidence of chronic kidney failure more than acute kidney failure. This is because the causes of kidney pain is more common than acute kidney failure. Most of the people who wash the blood caused by this disease. Here are the causes of chronic kidney failure are most often: Diabetes Mellitus/Diabetes Diabetes who has walked a long and constant not treated very often lead to chronic kidney failure. Even chronic renal failure being the usual complications of diabetes that often takes away lives. Diabetes is the number one cause of chronic kidney failure in the world. High Blood In addition to causing heart disease and stroke, high blood can also cause chronic renal failure. High blood disease that has been running for a long time and never got the treatment very often end up in a State of chronic renal failure. Then control and treat your blood pressure is very important. Inflammation Of The Kidneys Inflammation of the kidneys can be caused by a variety of reasons. I.e. infectious diseases and diseases of the immune system. Infectious diseases that often cause chronic renal failure kidney infection is recurrent and HIV sufferers. While the immunity disease often leads to lupus is kidney disease. Polycystic Kidney Disease Causes of kidney pain on this one is a disease that usually are genetic or hereditary. The difficulty is that this disease does not give symptoms so that usually give new symptoms after kidney function has already dropped dramatically. Symptoms Of Kidney Disease In Brief Acute and chronic kidney failure gives a different clinical picture. Symptoms of acute renal failure Pee a little and urine can be colored very murky even redness Feeling drowsy or unconscious Swelling in the feet and legs Shortness of breath Nausea, vomiting Diarrhea Seizures Acute kidney failure is also sometimes do not cause symptoms Symptoms of chronic kidney failure Does not cause any symptoms in the initial phase. Over the severity of the clinical symptoms of the disease, will be the more obvious. Skin color became more dark The increasingly pale skin color Often feel sleepy Frequent nausea and vomiting Concentration difficult, easy sleepy Bone pain Itching without a cause Blood in the stool Enlarged stomach and toned (fluid-filled) Shortness of breath Kidney disease is a disease that is dangerous and can be life threatening. Causes of kidney disease itself consists of a wide variety of things. But after knowing what are the causes of kidney disease, surely we can now avoid the circumstances that trigger the onset of kidney disease. Especially treat diabetes, high blood and preventing dehydration. Symptoms of kidney disease itself is actually less specific. The main symptoms of kidney disease is spending very little urine. When you find the symptoms of chronic renal failure accompanied by a history of high blood disease or diabetes should you checked yourself to your doctor. Hopefully this article was useful to you.

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