Cure Boils on buttocks that quickly Treating of natural ingredients

Ulcers disease especially in the ass is very tortured, therefore at this time the article will be discussed about the ass boil on remedies made from natural ingredients. The ass is the most frequently affected area boils because there is flab and areas that tend to be humid. In addition to the buttocks, boils can also grow in several places, such as in the area of thighs, face, underarms, kepla, backs, and so on. If the boils grew in the ass, then its certainly experiencing pain when sitting and uncomfortable when want to defecate.

Ulcers disease is the inflammation of the skin caused by staphylococcus aureus bacteria that enter through the pores. Ulcers are characterized by swelling of the skin areas that make up such a small mountain, which in it contains blood and pus. The sufferer will feel good pain when touched or when silenced. The process of the formation of boils will first arise reddish color on an area of the skin. Then the small bumps will appear if the touch feels sick. The bump will grow over time and in it contained pus.

Some drugs in natural Buttocks Boils are proven to be Efficacious
The incidence of boils on buttocks can be caused by several factors that trigger the growth of the bacteria staphylococcus aureus. These factors, among others, namely the lack of cleanliness in the area around the buttocks, weak immune system, or are allergic to certain foods. To treat boils on buttocks, you can use the various options in the butt of ulcers drugs natural ingredients are powerful:

1. Garlic

The garlic is completely used as seasoning this kitchen turns out to be used as a cure boils on buttocks. Garlic is known to contain a powerful natural antibiotic substances to eradicate the bacteria cause ulcers. The way is set up 1 clove garlic, peeled his skin, then pounded until smooth. After that apply on boils to taste. It is kind of a little poignant, hold briefly so that the ulcers that you suffer immediately healed.

2. Betel leaf

You can also treat boils on the buttocks using a betel leaf. The betel leaf is often used as an antiseptic substances effective against germs. The way is set up approximately 3 pieces of betel leaf, wash to clean, then mash until smooth. Once smooth, apply on the skin area suffering from ulcers. Balut with a bandage so that covered and more pervasive. Doing it this way regularly 2 times in a day.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has long been known as the plants to beautify the skin and hair. This plant also can be used as a cure boils on buttocks. The way is to prepare 1 stalk of Aloe Vera, wash to clean, then dividing into 2 parts. After the split then Aloe Vera will produce mucus or gel. Apply Aloe Vera gel on the boils, leave to dry naturally.

4. The SAP of leaves Cambodia

You may often see Cambodian plants often grow around the area of the cemetery. Don't underestimate this one plant, because it can be used as a cure boils on buttocks that potent. The way is pick leaves Cambodia from the tree, then automatically from the base of the leaves will pull out the SAP. Apply as soon as possible the Cambodian leaves SAP on the area of skin that suffers from ulcers. Doing it this way on a regular basis then the ulcers that you suffered will soon recover.

5. Spinach leaves of thorns

Cure boils on buttocks next IE use spinach leaves of thorns. Spinach plants often grow spikes in the yard without being utilized. You can make your own potions from spinach leaves of thorns with ease. The way is set up around 3 sheets of spinach leaves, spines cuvi until clean, then pounded. Add a little salt, mashed together the spinach leaves and thorns until smooth. After that apply on boils evenly.

6. Leaves of sauropus androgynus
You may recognize the benefits of sauropus androgynus leaves to multiply the production of breast milk. The leaves turned out also to have efficacy as medicine boils on buttocks. The way is take about 1 handheld leaf sauropus androgynus, wash to clean, then pounded until fine. Once smooth, apply on the area of kulih suffering from ulcers.

7. The cucumbers and beans nutmeg

Mix cucumbers and beans nutmeg as well you can use to treat boils on buttocks. The way is to prepare 1 piece of fresh cucumbers, peeled his skin, then washed to clean. After that the grated cucumber until smooth and add some nutmeg seeds to taste. Then wrap with banana leaf and baked for a few minutes. And lift and open the banana leaves, take the cucumber mixed grated nutmeg seeds last and apply to boils while still warm.

8. Appointment buffoonery and tamarind

In addition to drugs that dioles, you can also create a boil on the ass of the drug cure from the inside by way of a drink. Materials used i.e. appointment buffoonery and tamarind. The second type of material this is an herbal plant that is helpful to kill germs while enhancing the immunity of the body. How to make a ramuannya i.e. prepare 1 segment temulawak, sliced thinly and put on a pan containing 2 glasses of water. And enter into it seibu spokes tamarind, Palm to taste and add sugar as a sweetener. After boiling and then lifted, filtered water and taken to drink regularly 2 times in a day.

In addition to treating with medication boils on buttocks as we mentioned above, you will also need to pay attention to the way care boils. Things to be aware of IE don't push boils, because this will cause the spread of the bacteria that cause ulcers growth elsewhere. To reduce the pain and speed the healing process, we recommend that you compress the wound with warm water on a regular basis. The way is prepared sterile, dampen a rag with warm water, squeezed, and then paste it on ulcers. In addition, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the clothes that you wear, for dirty clothes will also facilitate the growth and spread of bacteria cause ulcers.

In order to terhidar from illness boils on buttocks, you can perform various preventive measures. The step that is in a way always maintain the cleanliness of the body especially area buttocks with bathing regularly, clean with SOAP up into the buttocks and surrounding areas. Then when the bercebok, both after urination or defecation make sure really clean. You should also pay attention to the food you eat. Note whether there is a connection after you eat a certain food with the advent of jenins boils. This is because in some cases, mute can also be caused due to allergies to certain foods. In addition, you also need to increase the body's immunity in order not easily affected by boils, that with a lot of consuming fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. If you experience sores not failed to recover or even growing worse, then we recommend that you consult a doctor for further handling.

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