Blood Enhancer food for pregnant women to prevent Anemia

Anemia or less blood is one of the complaints that are often experienced by a mother who was pregnant. Starting from the first trimester, second to third. The condition of the Hb (haemoglobin) low causing a pregnant mom looks limp, lethargic and so on. This condition is certainly not good, not only for the mother, but also for the baby in the womb. Naturally, the blood booster foods for pregnant women can be consumed to prevent anemia.

There are actually lots of foods containing iron anemia deterrent. However, the condition of pregnant mothers have to make more selective choosing food. What is good for the development and growth of the fetus or not. Because food consumption certainly error influence on amount and type of intake of nutrients received by a fetus in the womb.

Why is it important to consume Blood Enhancer Food for pregnant women?
From the development of the fetus in the first trimester, the age requirement for the formation of red blood cells in the fetus has already started. Intake on fetuses of course drawn from the iron consumed by the mother. Therefore, a mother who is pregnant should consume iron in larger amounts than women who are not pregnant.

If the mother is iron deficiency, then not only will the lack of a fetus, the mother's health was also disrupted. In addition to increasing the consumption of foods containing iron, for the development of red blood cells also required folic acid. Almost 85% of cases of anaemia in pregnant women, mostly is due to the deficiency of iron and folic acid.

Then what is most harmful for pregnant women if they are anemic? One of the biggest risks is at the time of birth. Coordinator of the health systems of the Micronutrient Initiative, Dr. Adhi Sanjaya., MSc-IH said, there are two things that become unwanted risk due to anemia.

First, the mother who suffered anemia or blood shortage during pregnancy will be at risk of giving birth to premature babies or below normal weight. There are many current cases that show the baby before 9 months already born first, it turns out that one of them caused by anemia.

Second, for the mother alone who will undergo childbirth, either normally or cesar, will be at risk of running out of blood. On the conditions of those who have anemia, a shortage of blood will be very risky in the salvation of the soul. There are many cases of mothers giving birth who eventually died due to lack of blood. Because of the condition of less blood, most mothers who recently gave birth to her face will look more pale.

It is important to distinguish, that is a deficiency of blood here is the lack of number of blood transfusions, not the condition in which the blood pressure of an expectant mother. These two things are the two different conditions and need to be noticed.

How much Iron Intake per day for pregnant women?
Although it is recommended to consume iron in great numbers, there is a maximum levels of intake of such substances every day, good for those who are pregnant or who are not pregnant. For pregnant women, the needs of the iron-on each day of 30 milligrams (mg). This need should be filled through the consumption of natural food sources are more healthy. Also consult Your doctor on health conditions in each trimester of pregnancy.
Types of Blood Booster Foods for pregnant women
There are so many types of food supplement for pregnant women's blood that is around us, both containing iron or folic acid. These meals can be varied konsumsinya every day, because generally a daily food menu which we often consume. Some of these foods are:

Various kinds of green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, mustard greens, cassava leaves and the like. These vegetables are priced quite affordable, however turned out to be a pretty good cures for blood booster. Not only that, vegetables with green leaves are also a source of folic acid needed for fetal brain development.
Broccoli, the broccoli became one of the most vegetables are rich with nutrients. For pregnant women who often anemia, these vegetables can be consumed into the mix every other vegetables. Not only for blood booster, these vegetables are also great for reducing cholesterol levels in the body, boost brain development, prevent cancer and so on.
Fish, food has also become the most good food consumed by pregnant women. In addition to addressing anaemia, fish is also very good for the growth of the brain. Women in Japan who are pregnant consume fish in great numbers for their fetal brain development. Fish also contains calcium needed by the fetus.
Egg yolks, if as the pregnant women you are anemic, then it is advisable to consume the egg yolks as one source of iron. However, if Your condition is normal, what's your cholesterol is high, we suggest you choose the kind of vegetable containing iron to overcome anemia that may occur.
Meat and chicken, these two foods being the most frequently consumed protein people. For pregnant women who are experiencing a shortage of blood or anemia, should consume meat or chicken in sufficient amounts. Don't overdo it because it usually will also affect the digestive condition of pregnant women. Composition needs to be balanced with the intake of vegetable.
Wine and oranges, when mother anemic, then it can be merutinkan the consumption of grapes and oranges. Two pieces contain iron which is good enough for daily needs. In addition, this fruit is also rich in vitamin C can improve the immune system of pregnant women. In order not easily fever, flu, coughs and the like.
Shrimp and crab, from the kind of seafood that can serve as a source of iron is the shrimp and crab. However, you must also set the konsumsinya so as not to overload causing hypertension while pregnant. Because the two types of seafood has bad health effects if consumed in excess.
Consult the health of expectant mothers regularly in every trimesternya. Thus you will know how the health condition in General. There may be many complaints of illness that require specific nutritional intake is also important so that customized look for between meals with a complaint that you feel.

If after consultation with your doctor is indeed revealed anemic, then we recommend that you start consuming food Enhancer for blood of pregnant women naturally. The food, in addition to containing iron, typically also contain other nutrients are also needed by the fetus to grow a flower in each trimester of pregnancy. For pregnant women, it is important to know the content of any nutrients from anything that goes into her stomach.

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