Baby Not Chapter 3 days? Here's How To Solve It

Each parent will certainly be worried when a baby doesn't CHAPTER 3 days. This is because normally for a baby, at least they'll be bowel movements per day or a maximum of 2 times a day. Of course it also depends by the intake of food that is consumed by the fruit of your heart.

For babies who are still consuming BREAST MILK exclusively, will generally defecate as much as 3 – 5 days. But when your baby has begun to be consuming foods such as vegetable or baby porridge, then you should be wary when she does BAB for 3 days. Then what is the cause and how to cope with a baby not Chapter 3 days? To answer these questions, we recommend that you check out the following reviews.

Why Not Baby Chapter 3 days? What Is The Cause?
When a baby is not a CHAPTER in a period of 3 – 5 days, then most likely he got constipation or constipation. In General, these conditions will be experienced by infants when their stool form louder than usual. Thus, although the baby is trying to issue a stool while the stool, mengejan never get out. In fact usually this will cause baby to cry loudly because of experiencing pain when about to dispense the stool.

Factors that Cause the baby is experiencing Constipation
Constipation is one of the problems is indeed a reasonable and may be experienced by every baby. To that end, as a parent, if the baby is not Chapter 3 days, no need to worry. Needed is how to prevent baby constipation experienced with seeing some of the following factors:

The Giving Of Milk Baby
For babies who get BREAST MILK intake is sufficient, then it is certain that they will be easier to avoid constipation. At least a period of breastfeeding babies normally until they are 2 years old.

At ASI, there are an awful lot of good bacteria that help break down the various protein Digest by the body. In addition, BREAST MILK also contain hormone motilin which serves to increase the movement of intestinal digestive processes so that their babies would be smooth. In doing so, then the resulting stool will be softer so that the baby will have no trouble during the chapter.

For babies who have started consuming foods such as fruits or hard pulp, most likely they will experience constipation when daily intake of BREAST MILK is insufficient. In addition to the heavy meals, given any formula can also make the process of disposal of stools in infants is also hampered because the protein required is not as complete as breast milk.

Although there have been many infant formulas specialized for babies, but the content of phosphorus and calcium in milk formula was judged too high for the size of the baby. This will cause the water in the stool are absorbed in the intestinal wall join later will cause a form of stool becomes harder.

A baby's digestive system is still not Perfect
Another factor that makes the baby not CHAPTER 3 days is because its digestive system is still not perfect. Usually this will be experienced by infants aged 4 months start given foods in addition to breast milk. This will create consistency of stool becomes harder because his digestive system is still not perfect.

Usually infants aged 4 months has given solid foods BREAST MILK's Companion, then the consistency and color of her stool was will change depending on what food it consumption. When the baby begins to eat solid food, then the frequency of bowel movements will be more rare. As for the exact age when want to provide feed on baby is when they were 6 months old. In other words, before the 6-month-old baby, do not give any food other than breast milk.

Dehydration or lack of fluids
For babies who suffered dehydration or fluid deficiency certainly will not experience a difficult chapter. Most of the babies that constipation is also caused due to lack of fluid into the body. Although a baby given milk formula though, chances are they will have experienced constipation still persists. This is because as has been described above,
The wound on the sewer Stool
Another factor that led to the baby not CHAPTER 3 days there are wounds on the sewer stool. This will make your heart fruit experience pain, excessive when about to defecate because the hard stool friction occurs at the drain. To the already severe conditions, it will come out the blood spots on the sewer. When this is the case, then you should bring the fruit to your heart to a doctor to get a proper medical handling.

Hirschprung is a condition where there is organic abnormalities in nerve large bowel. In normal conditions, gastrointestinal Peristaltic movements or be able to do a bowel movement. When the babies are having hirschprung, then nerves on colon Peristaltic movements cannot be so sewer became more narrow.

This later led to a pile of dirt that clogs at the lower intestine. When left for a longer period, then the baby will experience the risks of bowel inflammation due to the growth of the bacteria in his intestines.

In infants who experience this disorder, so the only way is to do an operation to remove all feces are buried at the very bottom of the intestine. Actually it can be detected at early stages, i.e. when within 2 days after the baby is born, it cannot issue the defecation.

Have Illness
Although most likely not baby CHAPTER 3 days is due to constipation, but it is possible also that the fruit of your hearts suffered from certain diseases. This is a rare thing but did not close the possibility that the baby's thyroid deficiency, allergies to certain foods, or metabolic disorders occurring in their body.

How To Cope With A Baby Constipation
Now you already know some of the factors that led to the baby not CHAPTER 3 days. The other thing you need to know is about how to cope with these problems. As for the number of ways that can be done is as follows:

If you are forced to give infant formula for babies who are still aged under 2 years, then to look for a given measure. Why? This is so that the consistency of the stool is not too hard. For that, see also measure exactly who should be given from the labels on infant formula.
In addition, ask the doctor's recommendation regarding an appropriate formula given to babies according to their age. If you've got a suitable formula for the baby, so don't be too often replace these infant formula brand in order not to happen good indigestion that constipation or diarrhoea.
Apply baby oil on the exhaust holes around the anus. This is to prevent the occurrence of blisters on the sewer baby. In addition, baby oil can also help lancarnya the digestion process.
When the baby is not Chapter 3 days, you can also massage the tummy with a smooth circular basis from the navel to the outside of the baby's stomach. For maximum results, then also use cream or baby oil.
Baringkan baby with the terlentang position and move your baby's feet just as he was pedaling a bicycle. This one right step done to launch the abdominal muscles and intestines of the infant so that can easily help the digestive process.
Try a sufficient intake of healthy foods as ASÍ companion in the baby food. You can provide the fruits as well as vegetables such as spinach, papaya, etc. In addition, you can also use Apple Cider to overcome constipation in infants.
At least that's some information about the factors that affect infant constipation and how to handle it. By following these tips, then the problem of babies not CHAPTER 3 days can also be resolved easily. May be useful.

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