9 Factors cause of Asthma is most Common

Suffering from asthma must be very annoying because it's important to know what factors are the cause of asthma. Asthma can be experienced by anyone at all ages, both kids to older people as well as male or female. Asthma in General lasts a long time (chronic) and often relapse. So it certainly will experience asthmatic nuisance activities and the agonizing sense especially when asthma attacks occur. Asthma can be experienced by someone since childhood, this is usually caused due to genetic factors/offspring. But there is also an asthma arises when a person is an adult, then in this case environmental factors are usually more dominant as a trigger.

Asthma is a disease in the form of penyimpitan on the respiratory tract. In asthma occur hiperaktifitas channel the breath in the various levels and occurs an obstruction or hindrance on the channel the breath. Asthma symptoms are usually easy to spot especially when asthma is being relapse. The hallmark of asthma sufferers experience i.e. shortness of breath accompanied by the sound of wheezing (high-pitched resulting from the air that comes out of breath which narrows). Asthma sufferers may also experience symptoms of cough, mild or severe cough either. It also can be accompanied by chest pain due to disruption of the supply of oxygen to the heart.

The Main Factors Cause Asthma
Asthma causes important factors in mind so that you can prevent so as not to suffer from asthma or asthma attack can avoid repeating for those of you who do indeed have a history of asthma. There is indeed a factor that can be changed and cannot be changed. Factors that cannot be changed IE genetic factors. But by controlling other factors then these genetic factors can be suppressed so that it becomes not dominant. Some of the factors that cause asthma that is as follows:

Hereditary factors
In each disease, especially the kind of chronic disease is not transmissible genetic or hereditary factors usually have a share to cause such a disease, including asthma. But the magnitude of the participation to be the cause of asthma is certainly vary between people with one another, depending on the magnitude of genetic strength derived from the previous generation. So if a parent or grandparent you have a history of asthma, then you have a higher risk for asthma than people that there is no history of asthma at all in her family. Genetic factors is usually autoimmune reaction against the influential body, where on asthmatics have respiratory tract are very sensitive to the environment or exposure to certain substances.

Air pollution
The environment is polluted or air pollution can also be the cause of asthma. Air pollution can be smoke generated from motor vehicles, factory fumes, smoke of burning trash or forest fires, as well as the abundance of dust flying. This air pollution can contaminate a when you are out of the House as well as inside the House. House or rooms that are rarely cleaned can produce pollution in the form of dust is easy to trigger the onset of asthma. Air pollution is so the irritant if inhaled then respiratory tract will be sensitive and narrows so that risk causing asthma.

Infection in lungs
The occurrence of infection in the lung can also be the cause of asthma. This usually occurs due to secondary effects resulting from the process of infection in the lungs. Most often associated with asthma that is the occurrence of inflammation in the area of bronkhus, or commonly referred to as bronchitis. So even though asthma is not contagious, you need to be alert to avoid the transmission of infectious diseases in the area of the lung can be risky because it gives rise to secondary effects in the form of asthma or respiratory tract constriction.

Food allergy
Some foods can cause allergic respiratory reaction so that it triggers the onset of asthma. Food allergy is certainly the originator can vary between people with one another. The food often gives rise to allergies and asthma, among others, namely seafood, eggs, peanuts, chocolate, cow's milk, soy milk, foods containing preservatives, and so on. If you have a history of asthma so it's best to know what type of food can be the cause of asthma in your self.
Allergy animal or plant
Certain plants or animals apparently can also be the cause of asthma. In animals, cause it's normally caused from feathers, feather-like cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, etc. Whereas in plants is usually triggered by part of the powder in her Sari.

Exposure to chemical substances
The causes of asthma are next due to exposure to certain chemical substances. These substances are usually there on objects or goods around us and can cause allergic reactions if inhaled into the respiratory tract it smells so cause asthma. These chemical substances, among others that is contained on the rubber, metal, fuel spray/insect repellent, perfume, deodorant, laundry detergent, paint the walls, and so on. Consumption of certain drugs can also cause side effects in the form of shortness of breath or asthma. Therefore if consuming drugs should preferably be in accordance with the prescribed rules and useful life.

Cigarettes contain hazardous substances that can lead to various diseases, including asthma. The nicotine content of cigarettes smoked particularly if entry into the respiratory tract in addition to damaging the lungs can also irritate the respiratory tract. Both active as well as passive smokers smokers, both equally risky for the asthma affected.

Asthma can also be triggered due to weather factors. Weather factors that could be the cause of asthma is usually in a situation of cold, rainy, windy, or the occurrence of extreme weather changes where the body has not been able to adapt.

Caution If you store too much burden on the mind to experience stress. Because stress can also be the cause of asthma. Therefore manage your mind so that it is always quiet and peaceful to avoid stress. In addition set the time properly so that the work does not accumulate. Because the burden of the work that piled up too high risk to cause stress.

If you or the person closest to experiencing asthma, then we recommend that you consult the doctor to get further handling. In addition to getting treatment, usually the doctor will also perform a series of checks to find factors of asthma pencerus you experienced. By knowing the factors precipitating the asthmatics can prevent the occurrence of repeated attacks. To prevent asthma then keep environment clean to avoid exposure to dust and filthy air in your home environment. Avoid the smoking habit and stay away from people who are smoking due to the passive smokers is also not less dangerous with active smokers.

For those of you who frequently do activities outside the home, we recommend that you use the mask especially when being or passes through places with a less good air to avoid smoke in motor vehicles, factory fumes, or dust flying.  If you experience asthma is caused due to allergies then recognize the allergen factor could trigger a recurrence, either because the food, chemicals, certain plants or animals. After knowing the factors alergennya then avoid contamination factors. You should do sport regularly and consume food with balanced nutrition in order to have a good body resistance. With a good body resistance it will minimize the incidence of allergic reactions in your body. In addition that is not less important is avoid stress, because when someone is experiencing stress or in a State of depression then it will become more vulnerable to suffering from asthma.

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